What we offer

Modern surgery built and equipped in compliance with European Union standards

highly qualified dental and dental technician team

the latest dental care, technologies with the help of the most modern equipment park

qualified western European substances

prompt, professional, convenient surgeries, all in one place

pleasant, homely atmosphere, free of stress

free parking

high quality at fair prices


Dental technical laboratory

Our dental technical laboratory has a ten year history. Our dental technicians gained their professional experience in various praxis laboratories in Körmend and Hévíz, so they are familiar with team work which focuses on customer satisfaction. The members of the team have been polishing their knowledge at national and international training sessions alike.

The existence of modern equipment park in accordance with European standard specifications and qualified western-European materials make it possible for the four highly qualified dental technicians to come up with the latest dental technician accomplishments.

Our technicians carry out - with the active participation of the patient - the colour harmonization, and the accomplishment of final forms and aesthetic and functional adjustments or alterations. The patient only has to go to the next room after the surgery trial.


Dental Technical Products

  • Fixed dentures:
    • metal ceramic crowns,
      bridges made from base metal and gold
    • metal-free crowns, bridges CIRCONIUM
    • inlay, onlay (gold, Gradia)
    • temporary restorations
    • hidden anchorage (Bredent,Preci-wertix)
    • telescope crowns
    • implant abutments
    • Piers screw
  • Removable dentures:
    • full, partial dentures
    • metal plate dentures
    • occlusal